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Information about the Agreement - Contract

The Contract Term of Tenancy for all agreements is for a minimum of 12 months

After viewing a Property, if you like it and decide to take the next step forward, I can email you, individually with an electronic copy of the Contract to Tenancy Agreement and the House Rules, ( A H.M.O Property will also receive the Rent Schedule.) These documents will be sent as PDF format. The Application Form and the Form of Guarantee will be Emailed as Microsort Word documents.

You will have at least 24 hours to read the supplied, attached documentation and then at an agreed time, we can all meet up and discuss the documentation in greater detail - finally signing the main Tenancy Agreement at the Office, Station Chambers, Aberystwyth.

I will arrange a time and day to officially meet up with you and on that day you will have presented to you, two identical hard, paper documents of the Tenancy Agreement, one of which, you will keep and the other is for the Property Manager \ Landlord - The two identical copies will both have true signatures in each and no photo copies. All legal documentation will be in a paper form for you to hold and refer to over your term of tenancy.

The Assured Short-hold Tenancy Agreement or Contract (as It's also known) has been specially created for you and the Landlord by a "Tenancy Law Solicitor" - You will also receive a copy of  the "House Rules " A document which additionally forms a secondary, attachment to the Agreement.

The Contract Term of Tenancy is for a minimum of 12 months and once you sign the Tenancy Agreement, you will be legally bound and committed to serve that term and length to tenancy and will be required to pay your rent up to the end of the contract date. Legal and Court action will be considered and pursued against you if you decide otherwise.

The "NO SMOKING" rule and Policy to Contract.
Tenants must understand that the inside area to all  Properties mentioned on this web site have imposed, a strict rule of  "No Smoking" and if any Tenant breeches that absolute rule will be served a notice of an eviction order against them or against the Property as a whole affecting all tenants.

A referral to legislation and greater clarification to the ruling of the "Smoke-free Premises, etc (Wales) Regulations 2007 Act", applying to all indoor common and communal areas within a house of multiple occupation ( H.M.O) can be found by contacting the Department of Environmental Services and Housing - Ceredigion County Council.

Tenants living in a H.M.O Property will need to observe the displayed information supplied at the Property by the County Council - relating to the Fire Precautions, Waste Management and Anti-Social Behavior whilst within tenancy.

The Financial Guarantor
Tenants must provide a responsible person over the age of 21 to act as their Financial Guarantor - This person is usually one of your parents or a guardian \ family member. Your guarantor must be a United Kingdom National (A British Citizen) and have lived in the country for more than five years. He or she can not reside at the rented property. On the Application Form you will be required state your Financial Guarantor's National Insurance number - This is to identify them as a British Citizen living in the U. K. - Your Financial Guarantor's responsibility to signature, guarantees to pay the rent if you the tenant can not or does not, pay and will be guaranteeing you financially and individually and cannot guarantee anyone else living at the same Property address.

The "Form of Guarantee" when attached, forms part of the Tenancy Agreement and it is essential that you ensure the return of this document. Your Financial Guarantor is required to fill in and sign The "Form of Guarantee", a document that will form part of the Tenancy Agreement, subject to you the Tenant. The Form of Guarantee must either be forwarded via email, sent in the post or given to your Financial Guarantor so that they can return it back to the Property Manager.

Your Financial Guarantor should be shown a copy of the Tenancy Agreement, forwarded on, by the tenant.

Tenants living in a Flat - (not a H.M.O Property) will have to provide a singular Financial Guarantor, this is usually the lead tenant.

Q. - I'm a foreign International Student and I cannot get you a British National as a Financial Guarantor, what happens now ?
- If you live in a Flat, you will need to pay the full, total, annual amount of rent. If you are sharing, in a HMO Property, you will be required to provide a Holding Fund, payable in cash - see below.

Holding Fee for a International Foreign Student
If an International Student cannot provide a Financial Guarantor and wants to share and live in a H.M.O Property then they will be required to provide a Holding Fund, a cash amount of £800, held by the Landlord and returned to that Tenant on completing the full Term to Tenancy and the Tenancy Agreement officially ending.
If the International Student moves out of the Property, the Holding Fund will be given to the remaining Tenants at the Property as Financial Hardship Aid. If the International Student completes their term in Tenancy, the holding fund is fully returned, guaranteed in cash.

If the International Student Tenant has to leave the property but finds a replacement Tenant to take their place, the holding fund will be returned. The holding Fund is deemed as no more that a financial hardship aid, for the Housemates at the Property, alone.

PETS - Pets (animals, insects, reptiles, fish, etc) are not allowed to stay or be at any of the Properties as mentioned on this Web site.

Administration Charge
An Administration Charge of £20 will be initially charged to each Tenant on signing the Contract to Tenancy Agreement. If a re-signing and renewal of the Agreement is required, for whatever reason, this will require an additional, individual charge of the £20 to all Tenants. This charge is for time related work and aspects of administration from start to finish of a Tenancy.

If any Tenant requires additional advice or is unclear about where they stand prior or within the Tenancy Term then they should visit this site: whereupon good information is given by the "Tenancy Agreement Service" for Landlords and Tenants on Assured Short hold Tenancy Agreements. This site covers and explains the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.


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