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Additional Information

I have been managing and maintaining these eleven advertised properties for several years, prior to that I served for 24 years in Her Majesty's Forces as a Infantry Soldier  - The properties are managed and run to a system - The agreement you sign, the collection of the rent, the Information you receive, everything that is done, is processed to a system as a system never fails - This in short, means that the Tenant is always informed with the exact Information and has a full understanding. With every year that passes, I gain in experience and tweak the necessary.

The Landlord and Property owner is Dilwen Jenkins - I do not advertise or work for any other Landlord, Estate Agent or Agency - That means that the Tenant and the Landlord are both respectfully looked after and are given the highest level of service and attention.

I did have a certificate by the Landlord Accreditation Wales Scheme - Certificate No: LAWLL144 however, this has been replaced with a new (2016) Welsh Government licencing system known as "Rent Smart Wales" of which I am currently licenced.

If you have a genuine Interest and would like to view one of the  properties then I will need to give the current tenant(s) of the property, 24 hours notice to view.

Rent Smart Wales has produced a Tenants Guide:

Viewing a Property.
One valuable piece of information and advice I can give -: If you want to view a property, for example, a large 9 bedroom house, view it as a group of nine persons, so that you can all get a good feel and form an opinion of the property - You will also get to meet me and I will meet you - As a group, you can later make a decision and so can I - Otherwise you might lose the Property to another visiting group !

If there are one or two tenants sharing a flat then you will sign an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. If you, as a group of non-related persons, want to share one of my advertised properties, making up a total of 5, 8 or 9 tenants, the status of these properties are known as "Houses of Multiple Occupation" ( H M O ) - You will then sign to an "Assured Tenancy Agreement" and live jointly, sharing, responsibly the communal areas within that Property

A H.M.O Property is County Council licensed and under that licence, strict conditions apply to both tenant and landlord.   

On applying for tenancy you will have to complete a three part application form - The typical information required is:

  • The name of your next of kin,

  • The name of your Financial Guarantor - Your F.G will be required to sign a Form of Guarantee.

  • Your student registration number, etc.

All these questions on paper will be explained in more detail, verbally and the reasons why, will become much clearer to you.

Inventories to the Property and your Bedrooms
Inventories are usually supplied with a contract or on the day you move into the Property - The inventory is filled in by you the Tenant and later checked by me. The Inventory requires you to state the cleanliness, condition, ware and tear, etc of the property, furniture and furnishings as a whole, within. Tenants living in a HMO Property will be expected to fill in their Inventories
3 months later when they return in September due to cleaning, decorating at the property. You will have an Inventory and will have 10 days maximum to hand it into the Property Manager.

Energy Performance Certificates
The Energy Performance Certificate ( EPC ) gives potential tenants and contracted tenants information on the energy efficiency of the property. It gives the building a standard energy and carbon emission efficiency grade from ‘A’ to ‘G’, where ‘A’ is the most efficient.
The average efficiency grade is 'D'. All of the Properties listed on this site, have now got an EPC.

Fire Risk Assessment
H.M.O Properties have now been
FIRE RISK ASSESSED, by identifying to reduce the risk of a fire hazard and taking the appropriate precautions necessary to ensure the safety of the tenants within.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO) came into effect in October 2006 and replaced over 70 pieces of fire safety law. The FSO applies to all non-domestic premises in England and Wales, including the common parts of blocks of flats and houses in multiple occupation (HMOs). The Fire Risk Assessment documents for the HMO Properties advertised on this web site and managed by the Property Manager, Nigel Owen are held by the Station Commander at Aberystwyth Fire and Rescue Service, Aberystwyth.

Properties, especially the larger H.M.O properties are now compliant with BS 5306 -8-2012, floors having a Fire Rating of 26A

On moving into a property you, the tenant will be given a demonstration and then shown in more detail on the operation and workings of the main fire alarm system. You will also be shown how to handle a fire extinguisher and explained their different uses and what type of fires you can use them on. You will also be informed of the great importance of keeping fire doors closed so that the spread of fire can be retained and not letting it spread, benefiting your greater chance of escape. Finally you will be made aware of your Fire Assembly Point of which is usually through the front, main door to the front of the building \ property but across the road, well away from all potential hazards.

Handover and Takeover of a Property
A Tenant initially moving into a Property will be handed over the Property by and in the presents of the Property Manager - The takeover will be done at the Property by and in the presents of the Tenant.

The handover to the Tenants usually takes about 35 minutes of which the Property Manager will be required to demonstrate the workings of the Fire Alarm System, Fire Appliances within the Property and conduct further business as required and necessary. Parents and friends are respectfully asked to patiently wait outside the Property until the Property Manager has finished with the Tenants.

Tenants on ending their term of Tenancy will be required to hand back the Property to the Property Manager on the day and given time that their Tenancy Agreement ends - The Property Manager will conduct an Inspection to the Property in the presents of the Tenant(s) - also recording the final meter readings to the Utility Companies. The Takeover by the Property Manager usually takes about 40 minutes. The deposit as held by the DPS will also be finalised at this stage, dependant with respect to its full or part return on the situation and condition to the Inspection.

Insurance and Damage
The Landlord has Building Insurance only.
The Tenant should provide their own Contents Insurance covering their personal effects and belongings within the Property.
Any accidental damage caused to the Tenant, within the Property, regardless, should be claimed from the Tenants Insurers.
Any damage, regardless, caused by the Tenant at the property will be claimed for, by the Landlord from the Deposit.

Household Refuse collection:
From the 15th of November 2010, Ceredigion County Council will, on every other week, collect your general rubbish (In Black Bags) however food waste ( put into the green caddies ) and Re-cycling bags will be collected weekly - Take a look at the Ceredigion County Council web site: New collection Information for Information as to when your general, black bag rubbish is collected or phone CCC : 01970 633010 or 01545 572572

Excessive Rubbish and Household Rubbish that is put out on the wrong day or week will be removed and cleaned up to the Tenants cost.

Mould and Mildew.
This attached web site Information on Mould and Condensation gives good advice if you have mould in your property - The main reasons are due to condensation and bad ventilation leading to problems of mould. A lack of heating can be a main cause but also rising heat and condensation escaping from the kitchen, bathroom and equally you being in your bedroom overnight, can all have an effect to the humidity level within. In an 8-hour period of sleep, you could produce up to 3 pints of water vapour !
I would suggest the following:

1. Rooms within the property must be well ventilated, as early in the day as possible, open the room door a little so that a flow of air can travel between and through the rooms.

2. Regularly wipe away the condensation from the window area with kitchen towel or a high absorbent cloth.

3. Check behind static items of furniture – Dead air against an outside wall can create mould.

4. Treat any identified mould with un-diluted bleach applied to a cloth, wipe the area leave for 5 minutes and then rinse off with clean warm water – Taking care to protect your hands with gloves and not to splash bleach onto your clothing.

5. Move your bed to a new position in the bedroom, leaving plenty of air to circulate around the furniture.

A cloth soaked in strong bleach will kill and wipe away most of the mould on any wall or ceiling surface - Check with the property manager for any additional advice and recommendations if you are unsure.

Smoking Cigarettes, etc. at the Property
Tenants are strictly Not to Smoke inside any of the Properties - with this rule in place, every tenant has a firm knowledge and less of a worry regarding fire safety within the building. There is also an additional guarantee that the rooms and furnishings do not have that bad nicotine after smell. A tenant will lose their deposit, outright and will be evicted if they smoke inside a property.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
You can’t see it, taste it or smell it but it can kill quickly and with no warning. Unsafe gas appliances produce a highly poisonous gas called carbon monoxide (CO). It can cause death as well as serious long term health problems such as brain damage. If you think there is immediate danger, call the Gas Emergency Help line further Information can be found by viewing this, Carbon Monoxide PDF Document.

Reference Letters
If any tenant or ex-tenant requires a "Tenants Reference Letter" then they or the person requiring one must contact me via email only - If you've been a problem through your term in tenancy, forget the reference!

Tenants Comments

Hey Nigel, I want to sincerely thank you for your services during the two years i have lived in properties you have managed. While living in them i always felt more than confident if i had any problem you would be there swiftly and be able to deal with any situation promptly. I also want to praise you as a person, it is always nice to run into you in the street and converse with you when you came to the properties. So thank you for making my university experience. God bless; Mr. Isaac Davey - 2012 to 2013

Frequently asked questions:
Q. - Are pets allowed at the property ?
A. - No - No fish, insects, reptiles or any animal is allowed in or to the outside of the Property.

Q. - Who pays for the Electric, Gas and Water supply to the Property ?
A. - You, the Tenants.

Q. - Are the meters supplying both Electric and Gas to the Property - Card or Account ?
A. - Tenants will need to set up an account for both utilities - Card meters cause problems for both Tenants and the Landlord.

Q. - I am a full time Student registered with the University, will I need to pay Council Tax ?
A. - No, you will not need to pay - The Property Manager will be required to inform the Council Taxation Office of the tenants names, status and student numbers for every and each properties - The Taxation Office may ask you to provide proof of your status by presenting your University registration certificate. If your status does change and you are no longer a full time Student in studies then you will need to inform the Property Manager and the County Council Taxation Office a.s.a.p, then you will need to pay.

Q. - I currently live in a large H.M.O Property with other house mates who are all full time Students.
As my status will shortly change for a few months, will I have to pay the Council Taxation to the Property?
A. - Yes you will - However you could apply to the Council Taxation Office for "Council Tax Relief", prior to your status changing, you could receive 25% relief.

Q. - The windows to the Property were recently cleaned, will I need to pay the bill, myself ?
A. - No, The windows are cleaned every quarter to the Landlords cost and the Property Manager arranges the cleaning.

Q. - You have a two, double bedroom flat to let - Can my girlfriend and I be in one bedroom and my mate and his girlfriend be in the other making a total of four to the flat ?
A. - No, The Flat is not a H.M.O Property - If three or more persons living at the property are not blood related then the status of that property will change and a H.M.O licence from the County Council will be needed - The County Council can evict you, the tenants and also fine the Landlord up to £20,000.

Q. - Are we, the tenants supposed to pay for the Electricity, Gas and Water supplied to the property ?
A. - Yes, all utilities are to be paid for by the Tenant and the accounts for the Utility Companies must be set up within 10 days of your Tenancy agreement starting.

Q. - I'm a foreign International Student and cannot get a British National as a Financial Guarantor, what happens now ?
A. - You will need to pay the full, total, annual amount of rent in full on initially moving into the Property.

Q. - A question on my Application form requires my Financial Guarantor's Passport Number, why ?
A. - It is required as proof, showing your Financial Guarantor as a legitimate, United Kingdom national.

Q. - The outside drain is blocked with leaves and a lot of water is collecting - Who is responsible for cleaning it ?
A. - You, the tenant is responsible - It states your responsibilities to the Property in the HOUSE RULES, a document that is attached and forms part of your Contract to Tenancy Agreement.

Q. - We have mould in the bathroom near the ceiling area, we think its dampness can you sort it out?
A. - The mould is normally caused by condensation, mould will grow due to bad ventilation and lack of heating. Wipe the area effected clean with a cloth soaked in bleach, bleach will kill mould - good ventilation after a shower, bath will be the remedy.

Q. - I am a Student living in a H.M.O Property and I pay my rent approximately 13 weeks as set out on my "Rent Schedule". My rent is due tomorrow but I won't receive my Student Loan for another 2 weeks - will I need to pay the 8% Interest charge ?
A. - Yes, you will get charged 8% Interest on any rent that is seven days late - The Rent Schedule that you received with your Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, informs you as a Tenant of the collection dates, well in advance. You will then need to make early provisions and speak to your Financial Guarantor and plan accordingly. It is your responsibility to pay your rent and no one else's!!

Q. - I live in a One bed Flat, will I need a TV licence or is the building covered under one licence ?
A. - You are living independently to everyone else, in the building and you have a lockable door to your flat or room - The UK Law says that you will need to purchase a TV licence.

Tenants living in a H.M.O Property
Tenants must not allow any person other than the named Tenant(s) to reside at the Property - This will be a breech of Contract and will also affect the conditions of the H.M.O Licence assigned to that Property - The Landlord could be fined up to £20,000

Telephone connections to Properties.
Tenants wanting a telephone line or Internet service to a Flat ( not a HMO Property ) will, in most cases be required to create an account with B.T themselves - This can sometimes be expensive especially if the previous tenant to the property did not have a line for a period of more than six months as B.T will require you, the current tenant to re-connect via B.T Connect for approximately £125. Please contact the Property Manager, firstly!! - It might not be possible to connect a telephone line.

Utility Bills at the Property.
Electric, Water and Gas (if supplied) will be paid for by the Tenant. The Accounts for these Utilities must be set up within a 10 day period of the Tenancy starting - Meter readings will be taken and given to the Tenant on initially moving in.

Mail to the Property on Tenants leaving.
Mail sent to the Property after a Tenant has left ( Tenancy Agreement expired ) will be returned to sender. Dept collecting Agencies, Dept collectors and Bailiffs contacting the Landlord \ Property Manager will be given the forwarding address or any other helpful information relating to that ex -Tenants where about's.

Cleaning a Property whilst in Tenancy.
Tenants are totally responsible to keep all parts of the Property clean and tidy including the fixtures and fittings in good and tenantable repair and in good decorative state. Shown below are recommended cleaning products that "DO THE JOB"

The cleaning products on the left are used to clean the general areas within the Property, living room, bedroom, etc.
The products in the middle are used for cleaning the bathroom, shower room, toilet, bathroom sink, floor and window \ mirrors.
The products on the right are used for cleaning the outside and inside the oven - Always ventilate the room and wear protective gloves when doing this job as the chemicals could cause irritation the skin - Always read the instructions on the product.
Do not waste your money on cheap cleaning products as you get what you pay - the result will disappoint - lots of cleaning cloths, nylon scouring pads and masses of soapy hot water is also highly recommended.

If any Tenant has a complaint to make either about the Property Manager, the Property, standard of works or misconduct shown by any workman working at the Property or any other situation relating to a health and safety issue then that Tenant must make the complaint in writing, within 28 days of the problem arising. Write to either the Property Manager, Mr. Nigel Owen or the Landlord, Miss Dilwen Jenkins. Your complain must not be sent as an Email. Your complaint must be submitted in writing and will require your signature on the letter - Your letter of complaint can be hand delivered or posted via recorded delivery to the relevant person at: Station Chambers, Alexandra Road, Aberystwyth, SY23 1LH.


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