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STATION CHAMBERS, Alexandra Road, Aberystwyth, SY23 1LH.
(Station Chambers is next to the Railway Station, Aberystwyth)


These Licence's have been issued by Ceredigion County Council as the Property is a House of  Multiple Occupation. 

With respect to this licence of which is renewed every five years, strict qualifying conditions apply both to the Tenant and the Landlord of which regular Inspections to the Property are conducted by County Council Officials.

Tenants are now required by the County Council H.M.O Licensing Section to sign a Tenants Declaration stating that they understand the Information shown by the Property Manager and further displayed at a fixed site within the Property relating to:

  1. Fire Precautions
  2. Waste Management
  3. Anti-Social behavior

These two Properties are licensed for a maximum of 9 (nine) persons, whose names and status will be made known to Ceredigion County Council regarding County Council taxation, etc. No other persons are to stay and live at this Property apart from the Tenant.

H.M.O Licence Numbers:  To view the licence's online, visit: Ceredigion County Council

TREM Y DON :    Licence No:   M0717/1/P

TAN Y CASTELL :  Licence No:   M0718/1P


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